Endocare, INC.

Endocare, Inc. was established in California in 1996 to advance cryoablation technology. Using argon gas to freeze and helium gas to thaw, Endocare eliminated many of the issues associated with previously used liquid nitrogen. In 2009 the company moved its operations to Austin, Texas The company continues to produce its equipment and disposables in the U.S. and works toward further innovation in cryoablation technology.

Our Systems

Cryocare® cryoablation systems are available with or without built-in ultrasound. All systems allow up to 8 cryoprobes to be activated simultaneously and provide inputs for temperature probes.

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Our Cryoprobes

Endocare offers a wide variety of cryoprobes including a patented V-Probe® variable ice cryoprobe that generates lethal ice from 1.5 cm to 5.0 cm in length. Right angle cryoprobes are available for use in CT scanners.

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