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Cryotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment primarily for prostate, kidney and lung cancers as well as a palliative treatment for bone pain. It has been used since the 19th Century(see history below), but advancements continue to be made every year.


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Urology Applications

Endocare offers systems and disposables for cryoablation of prostate and kidney tissue as well as freezing of nerves in pain management. The Cryocare CS® cryoablation system includes a built-in ultrasound to minimize the space required in the operating room.

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Endocare® systems and disposables can be used for a wide variety of indications when CT guidance is utilized. Cryoablation of renal, pulmonary and thoracic tumors provides primary treatment and ablation of cancer that has metastasized to the liver or bone can used as part of palliative care. In addition, freezing of nerves can help with pain management.

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Our Systems

Cryocare® cryoablation systems are available with or without built-in ultrasound. All systems allow up to 8 cryoprobes to be activated simultaneously and provide inputs for temperature probes.

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Our Cryoprobes

Endocare offers a wide variety of cryoprobes including a patented V-Probe® variable ice cryoprobe that generates lethal ice from 1.5 cm to 5.0 cm in length. Right angle cryoprobes are available for use in CT scanners.

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Cryoablation History